Behind the lens


I am a photographer with a passion for image editing.


I have always been drawn to all things creative from young age and have spent years writing stories and creating drawings. Naturally I became fascinated with photography and have worked as a studio and event photographer for few years. Currently I am studying Commercial Photography at University of Derby.


Good images are easy to find, and people make them every day. Instagram, filters, editing apps, but a great image often does not happen in one sitting.

I am drawn to dramatic, powerful photographs and I love creating both images of natural light and candid moments as well as crafting cinematic imagery with strong narrative. Colour is one of the most important aspects in my work, it's a huge vehicle for controlling motion, mood, and tone in the images, and I am forever fascinated with the possibilities.


In my free time I work on personal projects, travelling and creating bespoke mixed media art pieces, which have previously exhibited in various galleries.

Aiva xxx

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